Underground PVC Pipe & Risers













North Central carries a variety of sizes of underground PVC pipe to meet your needs. Prices change often due to the market. Call or e-mail for a quote today!

  • 6″ PIP 100#
  • 6″ PIP 125#
  • 6″ IPS 125#
  • 8″ PIP 80#
  • 8″ PIP 100#
  • 8″ PIP 125#
  • 8″ IPS 125#
  • 10″ PIP 100#

What is the difference between PIP and IPS pipe? 

  • PIP= Stands for “Plastic Irrigation Pipe” size.  This pipe is rated by size by its outside diameter.  For example: 6″ PIP will measure 6″ on the outside of the pipe.
  • IPS= Stands for “Iron Pipe Size”.  This pipe is rated by the size of its inside diameter.  For example: 6″ IPS will measure 6″ on the inside of the pipe.

Underground Risers

North Central also carries a full line of custom built underground risers.  These riser are heavy 10 gauge steel (Standard risers are only 12 gauge), thick hot dipped galvanizing, and feature the most robust triple-lip square-back lower gasket in the industry.  No more worries about rolling gaskets or thin pipe.  These risers are built to last for a very long time, and will provide you with the greatest value.  You will also like the prices!