Pump Connect Radios

Looking for a way to control your well from your pivot without burying wire?  The Valley Pump Connect radios offer the perfect solution.  High speed communication, longer range (Up to 3 miles), modular field replaceable components, heavy duty enclosures.  An excellent replacement for “other” brands of pump radios with slow communications, non replaceable components, and outdated technology.  Works with electric and diesel irrigation motors.  Will work with up to 48 radios on one network. Can be used to control other things besides irrigation, manure pumps, oil and gas pumps, electric grain augers, waste water valves, factory automation (line of sight), outdoor lighting, etc.  Because it draws so little power to operate it can be set-up to run off a 12 Volt battery for extended periods of time, if 120 Volts are not available.