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Rotary Phase Converters.  Heavy Duty Baldor Motors, Nema 3 Capacitor Enclosure.

Sizes available: 3/10 ($1865), 5/15 ($2136), 7.5/20 ($3211).

Will freight ship for additional cost.

X-CAD Auto Valves, with bolt kits 6″ ($565.00) and 8″ ($1085.00) A must when controlling your pivots remotely.  In stock, Call today!

T6061 Aluminum ANSI flanges, EXTREME DUTY, no chance of breakage like cast aluminum flanges (See right picture).  NCI Exclusive product. US Made, CNC machined for an exact fit.  3/4″ Thick.  Securely holds diaphragm type valves or butterfly valves.

Used Berkeley B4JOMB Pump. Includes discharge primer.  Spins free, needs bearings, seals, and inner motor coupler. 13-1/2″ Impeller Diameter. Decent shape, needs a paint job. $1500.00 AS IS

Used Wire Guide Lockwood Tower Boxes.  Nice Shape $45.00 each. Quantity (5) Intermediate, (1) Overwatering, and (1) Last box Available.

Brand new Valley 3 wheel basebeam.  Part number 9361652.  $800.  1/2 the price of new!

Used Valley 3 wheel basebeam.  Part number 9361652.  Includes high speed centerdrive, center wheel gearbox, and drive shaft.  Iron stained.  $1000

Some parts may already be sold or unavailable at time of viewing. We apologize for any inconvenience.