Data Radios

Valley data radios offer the opportunity to remotely control your pivots without a yearly subscription, and without a time limit (365 days a year) allowing your pivots to work when you want without paying more money.  You have probably seen pivots with weird looking directional antennas pointed every direction. Pivots with data radios are remotely controlled to cut down on the amount of miles traveled and hours worked.  Gain all the benefits irrigation has to offer without the long hours and endless trips to the field.

Below are the basic steps to this system:

  1. A frequency is assigned per farm
  2. Fields are analyzed for correct elevation path
  3. A base computer set-up to include your pivots, GPS locations, and pivot information
  4. Base computer is installed on your farm
  5. Data radios are added to the pivots you want to control (Easily added to rented pivots as well)
  6. Communications are checked and tested
  7. You are then able to FULLY control and receive updates from your pivots
  8. You enjoy added peace of mind and an increased free time

What are the benefits of being able to FULLY control your pivots?

  • What you can do in person at the panel can be done remotely
  • No compromising or limits to what you can do
  • Start/Stop
  • Direction change
  • End Gun angle changes
  • Write/Edit Programs
  • Pump control
  • Charge application rate
  • Control VRI
  • GPS position in the field
  • Custom alarms